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Sunday, February 19, 2006

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davo | 10:41 PM

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Thursday, September 22, 2005
"In Katrina I Didn't See Racism, I Saw Brotherhood"
by Rabbi Aryeh Spero
Posted Sep 7, 2005

In New Orleans, beginning Tuesday morning, August 30, I saw men in
helicopters risking their lives to save stranded flood victims from
rooftops. The rescuers were White, the stranded Black. I saw
Caucasians navigating their small, private boats in violent,
swirling, toxic floodwaters to find fellow citizens trapped in
their houses. Those they
saved were Black.

I saw Brotherhood. New York Congressman Charlie Rangel saw Racism.

Yes, there are Two Americas. One is the real America, where
virtually every person I know sends money, food or clothes to those
in need -- now and in other crises -- regardless of color. This
America is colorblind.

The other is the America fantasized and manufactured by Charlie
Rangel, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who constantly cry "racism!"
even in situations where it does not exist, even when undeniable
images illustrate love, compassion and concern. These three men, together with
today's NAACP, want to continue the notion of Racist America. It is
their Mantra, their calling card. Their power, money, and continued
media appearances depend on it.

Often, people caught up in accusing others of sin neglect to
own personal introspection. They begin to think they alone inhabit
the moral high ground. It is high time these men peered into
their own hearts at the dark chamber that causes this unceasing labeling of
their fellow Americans as "racist." They may find in that chamber their
own racism -- against Whites.

There is only one real America. Beginning Friday morning in
Houston, thousands of regular citizens poured into the Astrodome
offering water,

food, clean clothes, personal items, baby diapers and toys, love
their homes to the evacuees who had been bused in from New Orleans.

Most of the givers were White, most of those being helped were
there was Jesse Jackson, busy on TV, accusing the country of not
Blacks -- i.e., him -- on some type of Commission he is demanding.
was he early in the week? Not sweating with others
from around the country who had scraped their last dollar to come
With Jesse, it's always about Jesse.

After decades of hearing accusations from Jesse, Al, Charlie, the
NAACP and certain elitists about how racist America is, it would
have been refreshing to hear them for once give thanks to those
they for years
been maligning. These self-anointed spokesmen for the Black
only when it comes to foisting guilt and condemnation, and not when
it comes to acknowledging the good in those they have made

a career in castigating.

As a Rabbi I have a message I wish to offer to my fellow members of
the cloth, Reverends Jackson and Sharpton: It is time to do some
soul searching. Your continued efforts to tear this country apart,
even in light of the monumental goodness shown by your White
brothers, is a sin.

There are no churches in the world like the American churches. And
there are no better parishioners and members of churches anywhere
in the

world. These churches are saving the day. Their members -- infused
special and singular teachings of our unique American
Judeo-Christian understanding of the Bible -- are, at this moment,
writing an historic chapter in giving, initiative, and
selflessness. They are opening their homes to strangers. They are
doing what government is incapable of

America works because of its faith-based institutions. It always
is what makes it America.

So next time the ACLU tries to diminish and marginalize the
churches, saying there is no role for religion in American public
life, that an impenetrable wall must be erected separating the
citizens from their faith, cry out "Katrina."

Next time the ACLU goes to court asking that U.S. soldiers not be
to say Grace in the Mess Hall and that communities be forbidden

from setting up a nativity scene, ask yourself: without the

of Goodness sourced in Faith, would people offer such sacrifice?

else does this Brotherhood come from but the Bible which teaches

Shall Love Thy Neighbor as Yourself."

I saw brotherhood on Fox News, where 24/7 reporters used their
perch as a clearing-house for search-and-rescue missions and
the stranded and those in position to save. In contrast, the
Old-line networks continued with their usual foolish, brain-numbing
programming. Those who always preach "compassion" chose profit over

The New York Times has utterly failed America. Its columnists could
have used their talents and word skills to inspire and unite a
nation. Columnists such as Frank Rich and Paul Krugman, however,
revealed their

true colors by evading their once-in-a-lifetime chance to help and
chose to divide, condemn, and fuel the fires and poison the waters
of Louisiana. In them, I saw no Brotherhood. The newspaper always
preaching "compassion" verifies Shakespeare's "They protest too

Similar elitists here in the northeast and on the west coast have

the years expressed their view of the South as "unsophisticated"
and Texans "cowboys." Well, the South has come through, especially
Houston and other parts of Texas, whereas, as I write this on Labor
Day, the limousine moralizers are lying on east and west coast
beaches thinking

they're doing their part by reading Times' editorials and calling
George Bush "racist." How sanctimonious life becomes when proving

a racist depends not on living in a truly integrated neighborhood,

by simply calling others racist.

Like so often in history, facts trump platitudes. Reality reigns.

who always preach brotherhood, thus far have acted devoid of it.

who for decades have been accused by elitists of not having

are the ones living it. They are: the churches, the military and
and daughters of the South.

davo | 9:54 AM

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

In consideration of Black History Month, there are a few things that I want to remind people of.

To stop the Democrats' pro-slavery agenda, anti-slavery activist founded the Republican Party, starting with a few dozen men and women in Ripon, Wisconsin on March 20, 1854

In 1860, Republicans swept to victory in the White House and won majorities in both houses of Congress. Just six years after the party's founding, the Governor of every Northern state in America was Republican.

Despite Fierce Democrat opposition, Republicans passed constitutional amendments banning slavery, extending the Bill of Rights to the states, guaranteeing equal protection of the laws and due process to all citizens, and extending the right to vote to persons of all races and backgrounds.

Republicans enacted the first Civil Rights act.

Republicans led the fight for women's rights, and most suffragists were Republicans. Susan B. Anthony was Republican (voted a Republican ticket illegally in 1872) as were co-founders of the NCAAP Ida Wells and Marry Terrell.

A Republican, Aaron Sargent wrote the women's suffrage amendment in 1878.

Democrats who bitterly opposed equality for blacks founded the Ku Klux Klan.

Every African American in Congress until 1935 was Republican.

The first Black House Representative, Black Senator and Black Governor were all Republicans.

The First Hispanic Governor of California was Republican.

Brown vs. Board of Education was written by Chief Justice Earl Warren, a Republican.

The first African American (J.C Watts) to hold a leadership position in the house was a Republican.

Republicans overrode the Democratic President Andrew Johnson veto granting voting rights to African Americans in D.C.

On February 3, 1870 Republicans voted 98% for while Democrats voted 97% against the 15th Amendment granting voting rights to all Americans regardless of race.

Republican federal judge Frank Johnson authorizes Martin Luther King's protest march from Selma to Montgomery, overruling Democrat Governor George Wallace.

Republican President Richard Nixon makes Rear Admiral Samuel Gravely the first African-American to achieve Flag Rank in the U.S Navy.
Booker T. Washington was a Republican.

Henry Flipper, the first African American to graduate from West Point was nominated by Republican Representative James Freeman.

The nations first African-American Lt. Governor Oscar Dunn (who was once a slave) was Republican.

President Reagan promoted the nation's first African American Four Star General, Roscoe Robinson.

Republican Justice Department official Joan Doar escorted James Meridith to register as the first African-American student at the University of Mississippi (in defiance of Democrat Governor Ross Barnett).

Republican George H.W Bush appointed the first Hispanic Surgeon General.

Jackie Robinson was a Republican.

President Ronal Reagan made Martin Luther King's birthday a national holiday.

Martin Luther King and Ralph Abernathy both voted Republican.

The first and second African-American Secretaries of State (Colin Powell and Condeleeza Rice), were nominated by Republican President George W. Bush.

Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

Who is the real party for minorities?

davo | 5:58 PM

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The Democrat Party has convinced Blacks that Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat and George Wallace a Republican.
~Larry Elder
(Note: it is the "Democrat" party, NOT the "Democratic" party. They are anything but democratic.)

davo | 5:35 PM

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Rodeo Sex:
When doing your wife doggy style, call her by a former girlfriend's name. Then try to hold on for as long as possible!

davo | 8:51 AM

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Friday, February 04, 2005

Mac Mini Posted by Hello

davo | 10:37 PM

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Mac mini

PowerPC G4 1.42GHz Processor, 256MB RAM, 80GB Hard Drive, 8X DVD / 24X16X24 CD-RW Combo Drive, Mac OS X Panther v10.3
Manufacturer: Apple

davo | 10:21 PM

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I happened to find your Blog as I was researching bands. I noticed the Allman Joys Poster and then scrolled down and was stunned and thrilled to find the picture of Maynard Portwood with Duane, Greg and Bob, autographed by Maynard to David, Keep the Faith. The reason for my surprise is that I used to work at Southern Bell with Maynard in the Chamblee/Atlanta, GA area, at the old John Deere Building on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Maynard and I became good friends and even jammed together a few times. He told me about being the drummer for the Allman Joys and soon brought me a picture of them and autographed it to me and put on it “Keep the Faith” as his little joke because I am married to Faith.

I lost a box of my personal belongings when they moved us out of that building. In that box was a Navy Cruise Book, some pictures and other things, and, I believe, that autographed picture from Maynard. I am pretty sure that autographed picture is the one shown on your Cuba, Alabama Blog (http://robertoreg.blogspot.com/). I would appreciate it if you would reply back to me when you get this and let me know about that picture.


David Strickland

I got the poster Maynard signed for you from Randy Poe. Randy is writing a definitive biography of Duane. Maybe Randy can tell ya where he got your Allman Joys poster.

davo | 8:12 PM

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This is a test.

davo | 2:27 PM

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more like I do now than I did a while ago.

davo | 1:51 PM

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To the growing frustration of Microsoft management, the Apple iPod is wildly popular among its office workers. So here's some free advice for Mr. Gates: Take an iPod, change the system software until it crashes randomly and at the worst possible time and then market it as your own. It worked before, and may be just what's neede to quash this pesky Apple uprising a second time around.

davo | 11:29 AM

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You're not being paid to believe in the power of your dreams.

davo | 9:30 AM

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Meetings - "None of us is a stupid as all of us together."

davo | 9:25 AM

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Thursday, December 30, 2004
One of the best rock and dance bands of the 60's, The Bushmen, have gone unheralded all these years. In an effort to ensure this great group of musicians do not get forgotten we have created a new Web site for them. The idea is to put as much information about them as possible for their fans and have a place for them and new fans or those interested to learn about them and share information on the Forum, view pictures, listen to their music, and maybe even offer some CD's. Please give it a visit and we hope you enjoy and chose to take part in the continuing development of the site:

Thank you,

davo | 4:27 PM

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Thursday, December 23, 2004
“Support bacteria. They’re the only culture some people have.” -Unknown
davo | 2:27 PM

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Want some REAL Southern Barbeque Sauce? Well here it is kids! Dig it.Miss Ann and Ollie's Barbeque Sauce
davo | 1:12 PM

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

TigerVista TrioElite Posted by Hello

davo | 11:08 PM

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How about a multi-screen display. Well, here's the King of em all: Double, Triple and even six screen setups, all configured and ready for you to take off in! Check it out here:
Digital Tigers: Multiple Monitors - Multimonitor Workstation Displays - PC Windows Mac Laptop

davo | 9:49 PM

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